Kosakura helps Duracell Powermat launch the 24 Hour Power System in New York City

Duracell Powermat launched the 24 Hour Power System today in New York City (see the launch announcement here).  Working with the Duracell Powermat Team, Kosakura developed and shipped a family of Retail Displays for the launch that carry a consistent branding message across a wide variety of retailers.

Duracell Powermat

Duracell Powermat Retail Display

The Kosakura Displays have been developed in a variety of form factors, providing Duracell Powermat with the ability to penetrate a large number of retailers regardless of their size and store format.

Many of the Displays are configured with live demonstration units, providing potential customers with the ability to see the Duracell Powermat products (Wireless Case, Charging Mat, and Battery) in action.

Interested in how Kosakura can help you extend your brand and retail presence?  Contact us today at 949-529-3400.  See our other award winning work at www.kosakura.com.

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