About Kosakura

Who We Are

Kosakura and Associates was started in 1973 by Tak Kosakura. Tak, a designer, artist and keen businessman, saw an opportunity to work with Japanese electronics companies coming into the US to sell their wares. Many of these companies were headquarted in Southern California and were not educated on how to sell into the US market. Tak took advantage of his heritage and entrepreneurial spirit to offer full display design and manufacturing services to this and many other markets.

Today, Kosakura still offers those same services to our customers and have expanded on Tak’s vision. We still work with many of those same electronic brand manufacturers and have expanded into Home improvement, retail franchise rollouts and retail store interiors.

Kosakura is built on three premises with in the retail market.

  • That clients have lost key headcount that allowed them to deliver major retail programs. They either do not have the resources in house or the expertise to understand the nuances of a large scale roll out.
  • That the retail environment will be different in the future. No longer will there be the glut of retailers and providers of retail services. That each brand must hold up to the scrutiny of the consumer and be able to differentiate themselves at the point of sale.
  • That interactive technologies will change the way consumers buy at retail. Static graphic elements with key bullet points will not capture tomorrow’s consumer. Brands must find ways to understand and interact with it’s key consumer market. The cost of interactive technology is falling and the thirst for content will only grow.

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